Evidence Based Birth- where to find your info?


So in all my hypnobirthing classes I keep going on about how important it is to know all your options in order make an informed decision around birth, but how do you know that what you’re reading on the internet is evidence based, and not just a random anecdote of the feelings of some lady’s cousin’s wife’s daughter?!

If you’re looking for actual evidence based information- these are the resources I would recommend. They vary from very easy to access information, to very in depth research papers, pick whichever feels most suitable for you, even the most basic information can help you prepare for an empowered, informed birth experience.

I would love to know if anyone has any to add?


Evidence Based Birth is a very Easy to Read website, summing up the findings of research in an unbiased way. A really straightforward ‘go to’ site.



AIMS is a UK charity supporting women’s choices and rights in childbirth- aimed at parents rather than professionals, it’s another easy to understand source of evidence based information. They also have books with even more detail if you are interested in a particular topic (I have these available to borrow at short notice for all my clients), and a helpline if you require quick support or info for example during labour!



Home Birth Reference Site, shares SOME evidence based information and SOME anecdotal. Be aware of what you are reading if you are basing decisions on it, but a useful source nevertheless. Visit the 'research' tab for evidence based information.




Sara Wickham on Facebook or online. Sara is a Midwife with an interest in research, and regularly critiques papers and breaks down info in a fairly easy to read way- aimed at health care professionals or service users who would like to delve a little more deeply into the actual research behind the guidelines.



Cochrane Reviews are an independent source of information, gathering together various trials or papers on a particular project in maternity and summing up the evidence and it’s implications on practice. Aimed at both healthcare professionals and service users, it’s a bit more wordy, but gets right to the source of the info if you want to delve a bit deeper!



NICE Guidelines are the National Guidelines that hospitals should be following. In some instances hospital policy may vary- for budget reasons or to suit the local population. But this can always be questioned for your personal circumstance. Take a look at the actual research papers, referenced at the bottom of every set of guidelines for an in depth look



RCOG Green Top Guidelines- these are put together to aid healthcare professionals when offering care. There may be some instances where you feel you are not being adequately supported, and referencing these can be helpful. (This is one I often use in my capacity as a volunteer with Pregnancy Sickness Support, when supporting women to access treatment for HG in pregnancy)


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