Dates in pregnancy.. what do they do?

Fancy a date? No not that kind of date, though I’d totally advise squeezing in as many cinema trips and dinners out as you can before the baby arrives! Oxytocin, bonding and all that!


I’m talking about the sweet fruit kind! Historically, eating dates in pregnancy has been recommended for years in cultures that eat a lot of dates, it’s even mentioned in The Quran! But what does that mean for a twenty first Century mum to be? Is it as nonsensical as the bible passage we base ‘due dates’ on? Or is it science?


Current research shows that eating 6 dates a day, from around 36 weeks pregnant, may reduce your need for medical induction, and increase your chances of a vaginal birth if you do have one. A very small study has suggested a possible link between eating dates and a reduction of PPH if eaten immediately following the birth of the placenta. The research did not include or mention women with diabetes, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking about buying Waitrose out of dates!


It’s not often that Old Wives Tales are backed up by much research wise, so this is one of my favourite tips! If the thought of stuffing your face with 6 dates a day doesn’t fill you with joy, I’ve shared some of my favourite recipe ideas below!



Dates on a PIZZA!

Dates for Breakfast?


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