Positive Birth Story: Natural Hospital Birth for a First Time Mum

Thankyou to Nadine for sharing her positive birth story!

“I always wanted a natural delivery with no pain relief but never felt that home birth would be an option for me.

As this was my first baby I believer that I would feel more relaxed at the hospital. This made a bit afraid because there are some stories of people that had bad experiences and were not respected there.

After reading the birth-ed Instagram online daily I started trusting my body more and more.

I truly believed that after nourishing a perfect baby for 9 months, my body would tell me exactly what to do when I was about to deliver my baby. I also felt confident that there is no baby that is “too big” to be delivered naturally and that I needed to stay calm for my body to work as it should.

Labour Started

I started feeling contractions around 8pm on the 12th of August and by midnight I decided to go to the hospital to check where I was at. I was 3cm dilated and the midwife told me to go home and rest. My husband and I laid down and he held me through my contractions - I remember it helping me so much to feel loved and supported.

We were surely awake throughout the night with my contractions getting stronger and close together - some were 2 minutes apart but because they weren’t consistent the midwives told me not to go to the hospital even when my water broke at 6am. I felt the baby incredibly low and knew I had to grab our bags and go - again my husband listened to me and off we went.

Hello Baby

Our little Sophia was born on the 13th of August (on her due date!) at 7:05 am (35 minutes after we arrived at the hospital).

I am glad I listened to my body as it told me exactly what to do. The midwife that helped me with my delivery was amazing! She respected me as I wanted to wait for my body to push the baby out and spoke calmly to me through the whole process, letting me know exactly what was happening. It is incredible how the reflexes come with a strength I couldn’t control - my body did it all and I was just watching it do all the work.

I was able to go through the whole process without any pain relief and only had some superficial tearing that healed 1 week after birth - I couldn’t be happier with how my delivery went!

I wanted to make sure to let people know that you can have a completely natural delivery even though you haven’t chosen a home birth. That you can still listen to your body and do it all yourself because midwives/ doctors will respect your decisions.

This will be the most beautiful moment of your life and you should get to the end of it feeling empowered as your body is amazing - trust it!

You can follow more from Nadine on her blog here.

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