Positive Birth Story: A Christmas Home Birth

A positive Christmas birth story

Feeling very nostalgic writing this, but this time of year just brings it all back! Before I gave birth I was utterly terrified, not so much of the birth itself, but of being pregnant and having the responsibility of a child. To be honest, looking back the whole thing had been totally unexpected and a bit of a whirlwind!

We didn’t have a ton of support around us when I fell pregnant, so before the big day we decided to head back to my fiancé Joe’s hometown. Because who doesn’t do major house renovations or move house in late pregnancy right? Our new place was a bit of a do-er upper and we were planning on a homebirth, but with a bit of nesting we made it work!

We’d been for a long walk most days in the build up to the labour which I think must have helped the baby get into the right position! But actually it wasn’t until we were in and settled that anything started moving! I think the stress of the house move stopped me from going into labour. Actually, I even found hearing about the news and politics quite stressful too! So once we were in I was able to focus just on us, and what do you know, that night labour started!

Actually the new house was perfect, I found a dark small cosy corner, and I remember looking up at the sky which was lit up with stars. I had this voice in my head that kept telling me I could do it, that I was meant to do it! And I think the darkness really helped (would def recommend turning off the lights!) too. It made me feel safe and unobserved, apparently your produce melatonin in the dark too which boosts the power of labour! Amazing! 

I was really lucky to just be able to listen to my body, they basically left me to it! I found it really comfortable to be standing and I loved it when Joe pressed hard on my lower back, it was a massive relief. I was totally in my own little world though, I barely noticed the sheep and the donkey asleep by the door! 

And then came the pushy bit! It was like my body just TOTALLY took over! I don’t know how long it lasted but it felt pretty quick, and he was out! A baby boy! We hadn’t found out what we were having, so it was an amazing surprise!

I did it! I couldn’t believe it! It was amazing! I was amazing! 

After we fed and cuddled him, we popped him in a manger and I could have stared at him for DAYS. I made him!

If I could change one thing about the whole experience it would be what happened afterwards! We suddenly had to host an awful lot of guests immediately after the birth. I was trying to get to grips with breastfeeding, I was aching and bleeding and to be honest just wanted to be sat there in my pants with my baby on my chest! So yeah, maybe don’t invite a bunch of shepherd and three wise men round on day one. That part was a bad plan.

Other than that, it was perfect!

Thanks so much to Mary for sharing her story!