Positive Affirmations for Birth

Imagine walking down your nearest high street.. if I asked you what colour the first shop was, you probably couldn’t recall. But if they PAINTED IT.. I bet you’d notice! Our subconscious minds works in very funny ways and they are constantly taking in information, even if we aren’t aware of it! Which is why in pregnancy it’s so important to replace the dramatised, media versions of labour and birth, with positivity and confidence building thoughts!

Positive Affirmations are a hypnobirthing tool used to do exactly this! But actually they have many uses!

1) In pregnancy, to help fill your subconscious mind with positive thoughts about birth, so by the time the big day arrives, you feel free from fear and are read to let your body do exactly what it needs!

2) In labour, transform your birth space by putting up your affirmations! In any wobble, moment of stress or panic, coming back to these cards will keep you grounded, reassure you and take you back to a positive place.

3) Birth partner cue cards! The language we use in pregnancy and birth is super important to protect a birthing mother’s emotional state and hormone production. If as a birth partner you are running out of positive words- you might find some cues in here!

You can buy positive affirmations from the Positively Birthing shop, find TONS to print out on Pinterest. Or alternatively, if you’re feeling creative or in the mood for nesting, why not write your own? There’s something even more powerful about affirmations written in your own words. They address much more specifically any fears or anxieties you may have and you brain is more likely to BELIEVE something that it hears in your own voice! There are 3 simple rules to writing affirmations-

1) Always write them in the 1st person (Me, I, My baby)

2) Always write them in the present tense (Am, Is, Are)

3) Exclude any negative words (Can’t/don’t/won’t)

Do share your creations, it will help other mums to be and reinforce it for you even more by writing it out again!