Positive Birth Story: VBAC of baby number 2

I am delighted to be able to share Rebecca’s Positive VBAC story with you today. Hypnobirthing gave her the tools to trust her body and take control of the decision making in her birth. What a supermummy!

‘I came a bit late into hypnobirthing. Looks like I bought the book at the beginning of August from my purchase history. My son was born later that month! I used the audio book as I was a busy working mum and only had time to listen at work. So I could listen and carry on working. #multitaskinglikeaboss !

I decided to take on hypnobirthing as I had a terrible labour with my first who was born 7 years ago. I was that traumatized it took me 7 years to have another! I was convinced all the interventions I had contributed to me ending up with a c section and my son being in special care. I know if I'd just be left I would have progressed naturally. 
So I started researching natural labour and birth stories on YouTube to understand the process of labour so I could dictate to the hospital next time what I wanted not what they wanted. 
That's how I came across hypnobirthing. It was praised time and time again so I bought the book and that's how it began!

It taught me the processes of labour, it employees me to listen to my body and advocated that my baby knew best.

Unlike my first who was 2 weeks late, little Eli came a week early! I still hadn't finish reading the book and literally just finished work!! It was like Eli had waited for me to finish work and the moment I regard he decided to join us!

My waters broke Wednesday evening. And contractions progressed slowly till friday morning. I have horses so kept poo picking the field and mucking out during this time but it seemed that every time I moved contractions stopped! This was contrary to what hypnobirthing had taught me! If I sat still they would ramp up, usually at 3am, then they would cease during the day when I did stuff. Interesting the midwife at the hospital said labour stops while other kids around ( he was around during the day and stayed at my mum's at night in case I had to rush off!) And that was what seemed to happen.

Thursday we checked Eli's heart beat to see if he was stressed due to waters breaking. He wasn't! My other one Alex, got stressed and that showed in his heart beat so that heart beat monitor was my safety net. I knew Eli was ok if his heart beat was ok.

Friday we went into hospital again. They hospital wanted to induce me as it was over 48 hours since my waters broke and guess what. I said no! The hospital monitored his heart beat and did bloods to check for infection. All was good. The hospital wanted me to go home again. I really didn't want to. I knew again, contrary to hypnobirthing, my safe place was the hospital. And the view out the window was stunning!! I wasn't going anywhere! 
So this was 9am. They said I could wait for bloods which came back about 12 then everyone on the ward seemed to dissapear. There was an emergency in theatre which lasted a few hours. In that time my labour progressed naturally. I went from 1cm to 6cm in those few hours they were away! 

I was coping. But they were very intense and it was the pressure in my bum and the fact they were coming every minute and lasting over a minute that made me ask for an epidural. I hadn't tried the gas air maybe I should have tried that first! I had a light epidural so I could still feel the contractions and also used the gas and air! What was the point of the epidural!! 
The hospital didn't want to check my dualation due to risk of infection. So next check was 6pm when I was fully dialated. I'm sure I was dialated earlier than this and should have been more persistent in them checking!

Then it was time to push! I understood my body should push him out. But probably because of epidural it didn't happen. The epidural also although light had made my leg dead. So I couldn't get into the right positions my body told me to get into to push him out. I got Eli to crowning position then forceps helped him out. 

I was sad about the forceps but I believe I should have pushed sooner, I wouldn't have tired and he would have got out. But is was a textbook forceps delivery. Eli was 8lbs and although in the birth canal for over 2 hours ( most of that was me telling hospital he should just fall out!) He didn't once stress! No special care unit, no antibiotics.. one contented babe! 
I honestly loved my labour and would happily do it over again! Sticking to my guns about not having invention enabled me to have the natural birth I wanted. And guess what, we got out of hospital at 4pm on the Saturday (waiting for then to discharge us) and was back mucking out on the Sunday. That is what I wanted! With the C section I couldn't move for weeks, that wasn't an option this time and I made sure of it!

You can do it! A natural great positive birth is possible! Do your research and stick to your guns and it will happen!!

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