A huge part of making birth positive, isn’t WHAT happens, but HOW. Simply being a part of the decision making process, understanding your options and feeling supported in your decisions can make any experience a positive one. The UK Maternity System can be a difficult thing to navigate, but if you are able to step off the ‘conveyor belt’ of care, and access personalised choices, you are well on the way to an amazing birth! This section will talk you through how to decide what it is you want and how to communicate that with your healthcare team. If you know where you’d like to start, use the search tool below, otherwise get started with the signature articles and work your way through!


FREE Hypnobirthing Birth Plan Template

One of the simplest ways to communicate your wishes with your health care providers is to pop everything down on paper and give to them when you meet in labour.

Induction of Labour

One of the most common decisions women face if whether or not to accept an induction of labour. Be that as a routine offer ‘for dates’ or because of a medical concern for either you or your baby. Using the decision making tools above will help you gather personalised information from your midwife or doctor, and some of the articles below may be useful too! An induction is a serious medical intervention, but in the right circumstances can be a really positive way to give birth, if you just what to ask for!


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