Positively Birthing: Online, Group, Private Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Classes in Surrey

birth-ed™ Online Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course.

Group Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Classes in Farnham, Guildford, Cobham, Cheam, St Margarets, Twickenham.

Private Hypnobirthing Classes throughout Surrey, SW London and surrounds, preparing you for a positive birth experience.

Group, Private and Online Courses are all taught by Megan Rossiter- qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher, Mum to One and former Student Midwife. The birth-ed™ Course is so much MORE than your average Hypnobirthing or Antenatal course. Equipping couples not only with a full toolkit of hypnobirthing techniques, the course encompasses a full antenatal preparation; from physiology and the process of birth itself, to navigating the maternity system, understanding research and making informed choices. And there are MANY more choices in birth than you may initially realise. It’s THIS that sets the birth-ed™ Hypnobirthing course aside from any other.

Suitable for your first or subsequent pregnancies, the hypnobirthing tools are just the first step to a positive birth experience; the added extras make ‘getting’ that experience a whole lot simpler! Our ethos at birth-ed™ is to share, up to date, evidence based information to help couples prepare for a POSITIVE birth, whatever that may look like for YOU.

Online Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Course

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We did the birth-ed™ online course and started practicing the hypnobirthing techniques from about 28 weeks and used them daily from 32 weeks. On Thursday we welcomed our baby boy into the world. After my waters breaking at 37+6 with no contractions, so much of my birth did not go ‘as planned’. I was on an IV drip and continuously monitored throughout labour. Despite this, less than 4 and a half hours later or baby boy was born. I felt so calm and had such confidence that my body knew exactly what to do. I cannot recommend your course enough. I was able to use the techniques throughout labour, I even managed to hold off using gas and air until an hour before he was born. Thankyou!
— Lucy, Online Hypnobirthing Course

Group Hypnobirthing Course Farnham

5 star hypnobirthing antenatal course
We can’t even begin to explain how grateful we are for the birth-ed™ course. For most of the pregnancy we had been burying our heads in the sand about what was to come, but after the birth-ed™ course, we were walking on air. We feel very lucky to have had a positive, straightforward birth on a birth centre for our first baby. Though, knowing what we know now I realise a lot of that wasn’t down to luck at all, but down to the preparation that we did. I don’t even want to think about what it might have looked like if we hadn’t done the birth-ed™ course!
— Mae & Ben, Group Hypnobirthing Course

Group Hypnobirthing Course St Margarets, Twickenham

5 star hypnobirthing antenatal course surrey
We cannot recommend Megan highly enough! She came to us for 2 evening sessions and in that time totally changed our perception of birth. We felt educated, confident, supported and empowered in all our decisions post our hypnobirthing classes, and went on to have the beautiful and calm water birth that we’d hoped for. A truly cathartic experience for us, after a more difficult birth with our first born. I only wish we’d known Megan then! Her rational, calm and fun approach to the sessions really suited us and I’ll continue to use many of the techniques she taught us in everyday life! Thank you, Megan!
— Clare & Tom, Private Hypnobirthing Course Surrey

Group Hypnobirthing Course Cobham

5 star hypnobirthing antenatal course surrey
I cannot recommend Megan’s group classes enough. The beautiful location at the Medicine Garden sets the scene for a very relaxed course. Megan understands the anxieties of both the women and men in the room and is able to answer all questions and support everyone equally - bringing in knowledge from midwifery training, hypnobirthing and her own experience giving birth. She covered everything we wanted to know about birth in a relaxed, informative, HUMOROUS way. Most of all what I took away was how to feel positive no matter what is thrown our way through learning about choices and brilliant hypnobirthing techniques. I feel ready for my birth and thank Megan for helping prepare us.
— Freya and Chris, Cobham Hypnobirthing Course


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Group Hypnobirthing Course Cheam

5 star hypnobirthing antenatal course surrey
We really enjoyed the birth-ed™ course. the content was very well spread over each session. it was a very relaxed and comfortable group setting, which made it feel informal and intimate, especially in comparison to an nhs class. we left every session feeling even more confident and prepared.
— Tara and Chris, Group Hypnobirthing Course Cheam