Whether we like to think so or not, we will have had negative and unrealistic ideas about birth thrown at us from all angles for most of our lives! Whether that’s the ‘One Born Every Minute’ type programmes where they scream and shout and it’s very dramatic, or the American sitcom type programmes where their waters break in Walmart, they lay on their back huffing and puffing for 20 minutes and out pop three babies! Believe it or not, the ideas that the media put in our head can have a huge impact, not only on our emotions and decision making around birth, but even on the physiological processes of labour! Mad huh? Reading positive birth stories in preparation for your own birth, is a great way to help put you in a positive head space as well as gather hints and tips from real mums that you can apply to your own birth! If you’re looking for a story that applies to your personal circumstances, enter some keywords into the search bar below! If you just want to fill your cup with some positive stories, get reading, there’s LOADS!