The EASIEST thing you can do in preparation for your baby's birth...

If you do ONE thing in preparation for your babies birth, please ‘care’.

I know, you want your baby here safely, and ultimately the exit route they take doesn’t matter, you’re 100% right on that one! But this day is going to remain firmly ingrained on your mind for the rest of your life. It’s going to impact you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, in ways that right now you can’t even imagine.. take all the drugs you want, accept all the intervention you need to, but please, do care..

Please care that someone listens to you.. Please care that someone holds your hand and strokes your hair.. Please care that the doctor remembers your name.. Please care that you’re allowed to choose what makes you feel comfortable.. Please care that someone gives you enough information to make your own decisions. Please, please, please.

I get it, I really do! You’ve heard some stuff that makes you feel scared. Makes you feel sad? Actually down right horrifies you. Not caring relinquishes any expectation, any responsibility. Doesn’t it?

I promise, you’re not setting yourself up for a fall.. You don’t need to have expectations, a ‘plan’ or even ‘ideals’. I’m not suggesting you need to have a home birth in a pool (unless you want to), I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have an epidural the instant you get to hospital, I’m simply asking you to care, about some of it.. any of it.

It doesn’t matter WHAT happens, the ‘practicalities’ are sometimes beyond out control. It ABSOLUTELY matters how you feel. Simply by ‘caring’ you’re a million steps closer to making it ok. Making it amazing. Making it a day you remember for the rest of your life, for the right reasons.

If you’ve got 5 spare minutes, these two posts could transform your birth.. just understand what your body needs from you.. and understand how to help get it!

Now, if you’re thinking actually you DO care, and want to know HOW you can make your birth a positive one, why not join us for one of our in person courses in Surrey or London?

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