Positive Birth Story: A quick second induction

After complications with my first birth I didn’t have much expectations for my second and especially after going to hospital for reduced movement at 38 weeks. Upon examination I was told I was approx 2-3cm dilated already and given the circumstances we decided it was beneficial to have an induction although I was distraught that again, second time round I would not be able to have a water birth.
I went to bed at the early hours after having a pessary inserted and lay awake thinking this time I would just take all the drugs, have an epidural and be done with it. Admitting defeat and appreciating that births don’t always go to plan.
The next morning I started contracting so my husband and I paced the hospital going up and down flights of stairs to kick start regular contractions. By midday and after a full English breakfast they were regular and I was in established labour. I was moved down to the labour ward where I was there for a couple of hours with not much progress. We then decided to have my waters broken, and if it was anything like my first birth, it would be quick from then on. Indeed within minutes of my waters being broken I was fully dilated and ready to push. By this point I had got by with no pain relief and was so ready to get the baby out. I knelt over the hospital bed in an upright position and began pushing. My husband and best friend cheering me on as well as the friend videoing it. His head came out quickly, I was so liberated I genuinely thought I had finished until I heard the midwives saying I needed to birth the rest of him! Another push and he was out. Much smaller than I imagined and he was brought straight up to my chest. He stayed there feeding for over an hour whilst we ate a takeaway, before he was cleaned up and weighed. The midwives were amazing and didn’t rush any of this process it was such a wonderful natural experience. I was stitched up whilst holding my babe and eating pizza! For my next pregnancy I would absolutely love to try hypnobirthing. I now believe that a positive mindset has everything to do with a positive labour and birth story.

Thankyou Zabrina or sharing your positive birth story!

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