Positive Birth Story: When Home Birth Plans Change

Maggie was born on 21st June 2016 during the full moon and a healthy 8lbs 5oz at 42 weeks plus 3 days.

I had a show in the early hours of the morning then felt a ‘pop’. We were planning a home birth – we had the pool, lights, aromatherapy oils, play list, affirmations and a fridge full of snacks.

I was concerned the fluid was a browny/green colour. At that point my surges were really strong and I had been vomiting quite badly. I was starting to worry when Chris started playing my relaxation MP3. Immediately I felt calmer. As soon as I heard ‘I follow my instincts and make informed decisions that are right for me and my baby’ I knew what I had to do. We made our way to hospital.

The midwives identified the fluid as meconium.  Maggie was showing signs of foetal distress; I took a deep breath and asked for an epidural. I could see where I was heading and needed to be as calm and pain-free as possible to mentally and physically deal with the cascade of interventions that were about to ensue.

I was given a mobile epidural and concentrated on staying calm and switching off from the fact I was now at entirely the other end of the spectrum to what I had planned for our birth. Chris set up the room and put some lavender oil in our diffuser and I continued to listen to my MP3, breathing through the surges and down to my baby to keep her calm.

Maggie’s heart rate was causing concern. Outside the room there was talk of instrumental delivery or more likely a c-section. Chris was amazing and shielded me from all of this, only telling me what I needed to know in a calm and positive way.

I wasn’t progressing so was given a hormone drip. By this time I was in my own world, doing my best to breathe calmness and love down to my baby.  The consultant looking after me was gunning to deliver without a c-section. I visualised my baby being birthed.  In the short time it took to transfer me to theatre, I had fully dilated and mustered all my strength to push.  Before I knew it, Maggie was out (with a little help from ventouse), and on my chest.  I had done it!

The effect that hypnobirthing had on my birth experience has been profound. The course really helped me connect with Maggie and be as informed as possible on what lay ahead. It also taught us that although plans can change mindset doesn’t have to. The techniques we learnt teamed with the amazing support of my husband meant that although my birth path changed, I have nothing but positive thoughts of my whole experience and would do it all over again 100 times over. I owned my birthing experience and I am immensely proud of it.

Thankyou so much to Katie for sharing her wonderful birth story! You can follow more from Katie’s motherhood journey here.