Positive Birth Story: Third baby’s home birth

I was 39 weeks and 6 days and feeling rather fed up, having endured a heat wave. I had just returned from the morning school run and my mum had arrived for a cup of tea. As I sat down on the sofa, I felt a pop and a small gush. Realising that my waters had probably broken, I rang the birth unit and remarkably, my community midwife, Karla arrived on my doorstep within 10 minutes (she happened to be at the Sure Start centre just down the road).  After confirming that my waters had definitely broken, she contacted the birth unit to arrange an augmentation of labour for the next day, as I wasn't contracting. I called Simon, who was this time working a day shift. I wasn't expecting him home until 6pm, but once again, he was too excited to work! 😂 I spent the whole day on my ball, running up and down the stairs and eating spicy stuff, determined to avoid augmentation, but I didn't get so much as a twinge and instead, I became stressed and angry. At around 5 pm, I  stormed out of my front door and went for an angry walk. Tired, I went back home, feeling rather silly and sorry for myself, still with no sign of any twinges. Then, I felt a contraction as I stepped through my front door! By 7pm, my contractions were already at 5 mins apart and very strong, so we called the birth unit. It was Karla that arrived 20 minutes later, she had told me that she was on call that evening and was hoping to see me later! She checked me shortly after arriving and found that I was 6cm dilated. My contractions were so powerful, I already felt in need of gas and air and waters gushed out with each one. I instinctively moved into a supported kneeling position over my ball and told Karla that I would be pushing soon, so she rang the 2nd midwife, who arrived very quickly, as she was nearby. This time, I felt so in control and strong, I needed no support or encouragement, I trusted my body entirely, followed my instincts and literally breathed my son out at 22.40. This time, I only had a 1st degree tear, which needed no repair and I was once again left comfortable and happy.

Thankyou so much to Amy for sharing her amazing birth story!