So, you’re pregnant? Congratulations!

You might have already seen your tiny little baby wriggling around on a scan, and it’s all very exciting! You might have started browsing buggies online or picked up a teeny little outfit shopping in town! (You’ve probably started major house renovations or decided to move house.. because that’s what we all seem to do at this point in our lives!) But, now you find yourself thinking about the birth… What will it be like? Where will it be? What will happen? Will you know what to do? You know what you want, but how do you get it? You want to feel calm, confident and in control. You want to be in charge of decision making, to know your options and get the best out of your health care professionals. You want to meet some like minded parents to be! So you do some googling, and up pops ‘hypnobirthing’.

positively birthing hypnobirthing antenatal course london online

Hypnobirthing? What is it?

In my opinion, the name does it a disservice. It rang of vegan-eating, tie-dye-wearing, dreadlock-growing hippies the first time I heard about it. So I was surprised to discover that not only is it logical, gentle and EVIDENCE BASED*, but also, that IT WORKS! Hypnobirthing is a set of tools and techniques that you can use throughout pregnancy and labour to helpful you reframe the way you feel about birth and access a state of deep relaxation. By the end of the course (or a quick browse through birth-ed Hub) you’ll begin to understand the tremendous impact these two simple things can have, not only on the decisions you make during labour, but also on the physiological process of birth itself!

However, the birth-ed® course is a little more than just hypnobirthing!

Birth is unpredictable. It is wonderful. It is powerful. It is hard work. That’s why they call it labour. But just because it’s hard, that doesn’t make it scary or unachievable. Preparation is key. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training beforehand, and birth is no different.

Can it get you a positive birth?

The key to a positive birth is preparation. Most women do more research and put more thought in to which buggy to buy than they do giving birth**, but you’re not most women! (You found this site, after all).

Ok, so you need to prepare, but how? This means understanding your body, understanding your baby, understanding your mind and understanding your options. This is YOUR body, YOUR baby and YOUR birth- so take hold of the steering wheel! 

The birth-ed® course teaches you and your birth partner how to do just that. Using the techniques of the KG Hypnobirthing programme, plus a whole HEAP of extras from my midwifery training, the course is a full antenatal education programme that prepares you for a positive birth experience. It gives you, your baby and your birth partner a set of tools that you can use throughout labour in order to feel relaxed and in control of your experience, but ALSO how to navigate the maternity system, gather information and make positive, personalised choices that feel right for you and your baby. Both Mum and Birth Partner will leave feeling empowered, in control and unafraid of childbirth.

Want to know EXACTLY how couples taking our courses really feel? Let me tell you!


*Current research into the use of hypnosis in childbirth shows a reduction in the first and second stages of labour, a reduction in the need for pain relief and a reduced rate of surgical intervention. If that’s not evidence enough, I don’t know what is!

**Ok, that bit of research is based on my own small observational study of couples standing in the John Lewis nursery department on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s probably true?