Breastfeeding and Postnatal Preparation


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3 hour COURSE


(£65 when enrolled in another course)

What is it?

Our Breastfeeding and Positive Postnatal course covered everything you need to know to prepare for life with a new baby. This is the perfect 'add on' to our antenatal and hypnobirthing courses, for first time parents or anyone who would like a reminder as to what to expect in the early days with a newborn! In line with all the courses as birth-ed, the ethos of the course is to get you feeling confident and positive about early parenthood, giving you the tools to work out how to do it YOUR way (not anyone else’s!)

What do you cover?

The full postnatal preparation course encompassing normal newborn feeding behaviour, positioning and attachment, common breastfeeding issues, recognising a 'good' latch, understanding milk supply and the importance of hormones during breastfeeding. Encompassing hypnobirthing techniques to make your breastfeeding journey relaxed and enjoyable.

Other feeding choices including bottle feeding and mixed feeding. 

Normal Newborn Behaviour (Sleep, Feeding, Growth Spurts etc.)

Basic Baby Care (Including swaddling, bathing, nappy changing etc.)

The 'Fourth Trimester', what can you expect from a physical and emotional perspective as new parents?

When do we take this course?

Our postnatal preparation courses are taken antenatally, so before your baby is born, so that you can be best prepared for their arrival! 

Who can take the course?

Our postnatal courses are open to everyone- whether or not you have attended a birth-ed Course or not. They are a great opportunity for those of you enrolled in Private Sessions to meet some other parents nearby, and for those of you on Group Courses to extend your knowledge well past the birth of your baby! You can attend as a couple or as a mum on your own.